Are you gonna get what you want?

When a person comes to my office for the first time, often they are referred by a friend or family member that is or has been a patient of mine.

The reason why many people want to see me is due to the trust of and value in their friend’s judgment. They trust their friend’s judgment about Dr. Marc being able to deliver what they want or need.

Naturally, I always want to live up to that expectation, thereby reinforcing the network of trust among my community.

New patients usually have a preconceived notion of what a Chiropractor does.  If that idea is different than what I actually do, then even with the trust that brought them to my office in the first place, there could be a “disconnect.”

I  want that new person to stay connected!  I want to bring optimal wellness to as many men, women and children as I can!

To prevent any misconceptions,  I attempt to create an image of what they will experience before they actually set foot in my office. That is one of the functions of this website.

Many times, other chiropractic websites offer information about conditions treated by Chiropractors (the focus of which is usually pain) as well as tools, therapies or state-of-the-art equipment being offered.

My focus is very specific and unique.  It is to determine if a person has any Vertebral Subluxations (VS).  I feel very confident about my abilities to detect and correct VS.   As a matter of fact, Chiropractors have been focusing their attention on the detection and correction of subluxations since 1895!

If I were the chiropractic patient,  I would want the doctor to be focused on what he or she knows best. Isn’t that what a specialist is?

When there is interference along your “backbone” affecting the nerves, it may be difficult to focus on other things.  I make sure that I get my spine checked regularly in order to maintain focus…on the big important things as well as the small and perhaps not-so-significant things.

That’s right!  As your Chiropractor,  I am committed to optimizing my potential at focusing on being the best I can be for you.

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