10 Top Reasons for Not Getting Sick


#10.You will look and feel better.

#9.  Economically makes sense.

#8.  You’ll have more friends … they will want to hang with you more.

#7.  You won’t fall for all the ad’s and gimmicks out there that are trying to sell you their special of the day.

#6.  Less visits to the pharmacy where you’ll be sure to meet more sick people and more products to buy.

#5.  Same as #6 but replace pharmacy with doctor’s office.

#4.  More time to consider and do healthy things, ie: proper diet, proper exercise, get to the chiropractor.

#3.  Live longer.

#2.  The country will be healthier, financially and physically.

#1.  Staying healthy is more logical than avoiding being sick.

I am really scared!!!

I read an article that was written by a former leader of the Chiropractic profession.

In it, he expresses his reasons why he didn’t, and doesn’t, adjust his colleagues at conventions when asked by them for “an adjustment.”  My judgment is that his reasons confuse both the public and other chiropractors about the value of chiropractic.

Certainly the reasons listed for the refusal “to adjust” (meaning treatment) would be applicable if he were an MD and was asked for a pill or to perform surgery. Is that what these other chiropractors wanted (treatment)?

This is an injustice to our patients, friends, colleagues and essentially to mankind. Chiropractors have lost their uniqueness because, like the public, chiropractors have fallen victim to the medical model of health.


Health is serious  business. The community needs us to lead them with a value system that clearly expresses what we do when we “give” an adjustment.  It is not treatment, but rather an assist to the body in removing an interference to our vital communication system.

What scares me is that too many chiropractors may have lost the value of why we “adjust” and so we end up pushing adjustments for pain.  In my view, that isn’t much different than pushing drugs for pain.

What do you think?


It’s cool to see a Chiropractor

I recently read an article about how it’s cool to be healthy. I couldn’t agree more. Only thing is, there wasn’t a mention of chiropractic in there.  I’ve been practicing and living my life with the emphasis on  natural health. My view is that of a wheel with the center (or the hub) being chiropractic and the spokes being all the things that one does to be on the road to health. Those spokes include nutrition, exercise, attitude, rest, avoidance of obvious unhealthy things such as smoking etc. There’s more but you get the idea. So, why is there such a rift between healthy things and chiropractic.  We chiropractors have been boxed into this back pain corner that it is stifling. I am constantly trying to get out of that box, but it seems that it is a never ending challenge.

I can tell you that a lot of the people that come to see me are cool. Many of them are doing healthy things (using the spokes of the wheel). They care about their health and, most importantly, they are taking the initiative to do things responsibly because they want to avoid the alternative. What’s the alternative to responsible healthy activity?  Maybe it’s waiting around until you get sick.

Whealth (“w” silent as in Whole Foods) Fares Poorly!

Last week’s Wall Street Journal Op/ed article by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has really caused a stir in the nation regarding his views on health care. Imagine that, someone is talking about staying healthy as opposed to fixing the sick.  I am for helping the sick, but it’s kind of like tough love, i.e. let’s teach you healthy habits so there is less chance for the disease to get you.

Regardless of how you feel about his presentation of the issue and his position as CEO of Whole Foods, I can relate to a lot of the same concerns and ideas that he has expressed.  No matter what the outcome of health care reform, I hope that each person gains a better appreciation for being proactive instead of reactive, especially regarding their health.