To the Point: What is Chiropractic?

I really like this video.

Dr. Gentempo does an excellent job of expressing how chiropractic plays a significant role in people’s lives and health.

There are two problems that I have with it:

  1. Although the name of the equipment he is showing is called The Insight Subluxation Station,  he does not mention specifically what it is that the Chiropractor does that is unique … the ability to detect and correct the vertebral subluxation.
  2. I believe his idea that Chiropractic offers “lifestyle support” creates  confusion (at least in my mind) as to what is meant by support.

My point is that Chiropractic’s uniqueness is the vertebral subluxation and how it interferes with innate intelligence (i.i.).

The innate intelligence, according to Chiropractic philosophy, is the inborn wisdom that enables us to adapt to the world (our moment-to-moment,  ever-changing environment).

So by offering lifestyle support, are we (Chiropractors) contradicting the philosophy which identifies i.i. as the source of what is needed?  If the i.i. knows what is best for the body, then should we be offering support in the form of nutrition or exercise, etc.?  How do we Chiropractors know, better than the body’s innate wisdom, which nutrient is needed or which exercise should be performed?