Checking a 9 month pregnant woman for subluxations!

Just a few weeks ago,  I posted that I was checking my grandson for subluxations.  I have  been doing that since he was born and I’ve checked him since that last post as well.

Today I checked his mom …  she is 9 months pregnant and due any moment!  I’ll be able to get her into a comfortable position to check her spine.  If she is subluxated, I’ll adjust her.  Obviously, her body is going through some stresses … besides the physical.

Her body has been working to produce the chemicals necessary to prepare for the delivery of the new baby.  Some of those chemicals will allow for movement through the birth canal.  Some of the chemicals are going to help her body prepare for lactation.

There are many other processes that are occurring within her to help prepare for the birth.  The innate ability to perform all of these life-sustaining activities is essential for what will soon happen.  The proper chemicals need to be produced.  Those chemicals need to be  in the right quantity and they need to be released at the proper moment.  Not too many, not too few,  not too soon, not too late.  The miracle of birth depends on this coordination and balance.

My daughter does many things to keep herself in good condition.  She buys her food at the organic market,  she  exercises, she takes special classes for natural delivery.  She eats to ensure the proper nutrition for herself and her growing baby.  She has a well-balanced lifestyle.  It is conducive to ensuring that her new baby will benefit from her healthy choices.

Everything that she is doing to prepare  for a healthy delivery and a healthy baby still depends on something that she can’t get at the health food store, at yoga or the gym, from Hypno-Birthing or from her very capable midwife.  That missing link is the chiropractic adjustment which removes interferences  so that her innate intelligence can perform all the functions that her body needs.

The innate intelligence is within her; it’s always been there.  She didn’t have to read a book to get instructions about how her body is able to create a baby. This innate intelligence  relies on clear communication between all of the bodily systems to function optimally.  We hope and pray that all of the adjustments that she has had prior to this moment have cleared the way for an easy birth and a healthy baby.  I’ll continue to check her for subluxations (maybe even during labor!) to ensure that the innate intelligence can do what it does without interference.



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