Checking and adjusting my grandson today!

Like his grandmother and mother, my grandson will be checked to see if there are subluxations present in his spine. And like his mom and grand mom, he has been checked since the day he was born.

He is 16 months old now. This picture was taken when he was much younger.  He is one of the healthiest kids I know.  He is not complaining about back pain or any other condition.  He gets his spine checked very often … every time I see him.  For one reason …  to help optimize his potential to be all that he can be.

His growing body and his adventures in the world are two things that will continue for a very long time. Those two things alone are enough to cause his spine to be challenged.  If his spine subluxates it won’t be obvious to him. It won’t be obvious to his mom or grandmother … even though they also have been checked and adjusted their entire lives. Most subluxations do not cause pain.  It will be obvious to a chiropractor who takes the time to check the spine – that’s where I come in!

By the way, his great grandmother has been getting her spine checked for subluxations too, although probably only since her teens.  Four generations of chiropractic care! I love it.

Got babies?  If they don’t already see a chiropractor or have a parent or grandparent that is a chiropractor, give me a call –  I know someone.

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