‘Concierge’ Medicine

You have heard about it.

It’s controversial.

Basically a patient or family pays a membership fee to be able to have access to the doctor.

I have only one problem with it. I believe it ENCOURAGES more visits to the doctor. You know what they say “… if you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail” … or something like that.

What is in the toolbox of the doctor?  They are the experts at diagnosing and treating disease.

If you bought a membership then you will more likely want to use it, right?

So maybe you are curious about this ‘thing’ and since you are able to have this easy access to the doctor you get a consultation, examination, and maybe certain tests (xrays, lab work, scans etc.) This could then lead to further care … or not.

I believe that doctors want their patients to be as healthy as possible. I don’t believe they are equipped with the right toolbox.

They are best at getting you out of the crisis… once you are in the crisis. How about staying out of the crisis in the first place.

We need to address health rather than sickness.

The concept of  ‘concierge’  medicine is better suited in a chiropractor’s office. A person does not have to experience a ‘thing’ to go to the chiropractor. The person presents to the chiropractor for a ‘wellness’ visit.  If indicated, the person receives an adjustment.  He leaves the chiropractor’s office with his bodily systems communicating better.

Try it.

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