Want an adjustment?

I am always trying to be careful of the things that I say.  I don’t want to cause any  confusion.

Words are an important method of expressing our thoughts and ideas.

People often say they need an adjustment.  Then they schedule an appointment to see me. It’s important that people understand that the adjustment is performed after the determination of the need for the adjustment, that is,  the presence of a subluxation. So people are not scheduled for an adjustment at my office, they are scheduled to be checked for subluxation and then adjusted.

Some of us Chiropractors like to use the word manipulation.  I try not to use that one.  I think that it does not convey what is happening with an adjustment.

The subluxation is a misalignment of a vertebra that causes  an interference to the expression of the innate intelligence  of the body.  Chiropractic recognizes that the body is smart and it has the ability to determine the exact position of each part of the body, including the vertebra. So when I perform an adjustment, I am using my educated intelligence (I touch, I feel, etc.) to apply the most accurate force to the subluxations. Once that adjustment is made, it is the person’s body that makes the correction through their own innate intelligence.

It is a very specific process, but also very gentle.


How can a Chiropractor help…

I have said it many times, “at Berman Chiropractic we do not treat pain.”  So many people suffering with pain do seek chiropractic care.  Secret … no matter the reason you come here, I will always be checking to see if you have a subluxation in the spine – a specific condition that only chiropractors are trained to locate, analyze and correct.

Remove the subluxation, allow the body to receive and act on the messages that the body relies on, the greater the possibility for achieving improved health.

The wisdom that your body already has within it, maintains you!  It has been in existence since the moment you were born.  Chiropractic teaches that a vertebral subluxation (VS) interferes with the transmission of that wisdom.

Whether you have a VS or two or more, only your chiropractor can determine.  Whether it causes the condition that you are seeking chiropractic care for is an entirely different question.  One thing for sure … if you have a VS you are not maximizing your ability to heal.


What is so special about you?

One of things that intrigued me in becoming a chiropractor was that Chiropractic emphasizes the individual.

No two individuals are exactly alike.  Although we all have mouths, noses, eyes, organs, bones, etc. that make up our bodies, we ARE different.

What is your blood pressure?  What are the levels of your blood chemistry?  As you know, there are standard values that are guidelines to determine if you are healthy or not.

What happens if your levels are outside of the standard values?  What if your blood pressure value or your temperature value was different than what might be considered “normal?”

Chiropractic was founded upon a concept and continues to be guided by a set of principles that recognize that there is an inherent wisdom that runs your body.  If that inherent wisdom, also called innate intelligence, were not be able to communicate properly within your body, then the functioning of your body could be compromised.

It may be one small task (function) that your body should perform, as in digestion:  secrete a specific amount of acid needed at a specific moment for the type of food you just consumed.

Who knows whether:

  1. the production of the acid
  2. the timing of its presence into the stomach
  3. or the quantity of the chemical

occurred properly?

Your body knows how to do the above functions properly based upon the idea of  innate intelligence.  However, if there were an interference to the body’s ability to communicate this innate intelligence, you might not get the proper information to digest your food.

At what level of improper digestion do you begin to show symptoms?  You might also wonder at what level of improper information to other systems or organs does your body start to show a symptom or condition.

Due to the fact that we are all different, the answers will vary.  As I mentioned, it is this individuality that I have always found to be most relevant.

By a simple but significant process, chiropractors are able to detect alterations within the spine that may interfere with the communication of the innate intelligence in you.

House calls?

Back when I was growing up the doctor might come to the house.  I recall a number of times when mom would call and good ole’ doc would come over.  I’ll bet it was because someone was sick.

As a chiropractor I have, on occasion, made a house call or two.

I was thinking about offering this service lately.  However,  I do not want to encourage treatment of something.

Chiropractic has fallen into a realm of medicine that perpetuates the unhealthy use of chiropractic.  I mean by utilizing chiropractic as a method of treatment of illness and disease, the alignment (couldn’t help it) of chiropractic with wellness is lost.

How so?  If by receiving an adjustment your symptom goes away, you might conclude that chiropractic eliminated the problem so you don’t need chiropractic anymore … unless the condition returns.   This is not wellness.

Chiropractic is different than medicine and should as a profession lead the way towards optimizing a healthy existence.  If chiropractors continue to embrace a medical model of practice (treatment of conditions) the uniqueness of it is diluted.

It is difficult NOT to connect chiropractic with symptoms, since chiropractic has been helping people who have suffered and received good results since 1895.  The problem that I see though is that much of the help has been inconsistent.  Not with helping people but rather with identifying specific conditions that chiropractic helps.  Much confusion with chiropractic has been the attempt to associate symptoms with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic has been associated with the care of the back … or spine.  From my perspective, I see us chiropractors as being more specialized.  That is, our specific focus is the subluxation of the spine. Not specifically what it causes but being able to identify it and correct it.

Imagine,  you call and say, “my family and I want to be checked for the possibility of interference to the system that controls our level of health,  can you come over and check us for subluxations?”

I’m waiting for that call.