The practice of chiropractic, as I practice and educate my practice members, is based on the philosophy that there is an inborn intelligence within each of us that runs the body. This intelligence is manifested through the nervous system. The spine (made up of vertebra) encases the spinal cord (a central part of the nervous system) and is the focus of this practice. At times, one or more of the vertebra of the spine may interfere with the nervous system. This condition is termed vertebral subluxation, or subluxation for short.

A subluxation occurs as a result of some stress to the person. There are three types of stressors:




Any one of the stressors can affect the person and cause subluxation. In this office I do not determine what stress causes a subluxation. I recognize that most people experience stress and therefore may have a subluxation. I educate people to come in regularly in order to correct subluxations that may have developed.

Subluxations interfere with the function of the body. Checking for and correcting subluxations is the most effective way I know to help achieve optimum health. I advocate chiropractic as a wellness approach as opposed to a treatment of any disease or condition.

Many of my practice members will see me regularly from weekly to monthly. During the course of their routine schedule a stress might affect them in such a way they need to get checked and corrected more often than what is customary for them. Examples of this could happen when the body is expressing symptoms from a cold, to symptoms from an accident, or even symptoms from studying for an exam.

The nervous system is the communication system of the body. Subluxation interferes with information the body needs to function at optimal efficiency. If our bodies function at less than optimal efficiency, any of the numerous actions that our bodies perform can be impaired. Which bodily function don’t we need to have functioning at 100%?

If someone has a muscle strain, a cold, or any sickness, wouldn’t they be better off if their nervous system was communicating without interference? The practice of chiropractic is helping people achieve their optimum health by removing interferences (vertebral subluxations) and therefore allow that persons innate intelligence to do the “doctoring.”