How can a Chiropractor help…

I have said it many times, “at Berman Chiropractic we do not treat pain.”  So many people suffering with pain do seek chiropractic care.  Secret … no matter the reason you come here, I will always be checking to see if you have a subluxation in the spine – a specific condition that only chiropractors are trained to locate, analyze and correct.

Remove the subluxation, allow the body to receive and act on the messages that the body relies on, the greater the possibility for achieving improved health.

The wisdom that your body already has within it, maintains you!  It has been in existence since the moment you were born.  Chiropractic teaches that a vertebral subluxation (VS) interferes with the transmission of that wisdom.

Whether you have a VS or two or more, only your chiropractor can determine.  Whether it causes the condition that you are seeking chiropractic care for is an entirely different question.  One thing for sure … if you have a VS you are not maximizing your ability to heal.


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