I am really scared!!!

I read an article that was written by a former leader of the Chiropractic profession.

In it, he expresses his reasons why he didn’t, and doesn’t, adjust his colleagues at conventions when asked by them for “an adjustment.”  My judgment is that his reasons confuse both the public and other chiropractors about the value of chiropractic.

Certainly the reasons listed for the refusal “to adjust” (meaning treatment) would be applicable if he were an MD and was asked for a pill or to perform surgery. Is that what these other chiropractors wanted (treatment)?

This is an injustice to our patients, friends, colleagues and essentially to mankind. Chiropractors have lost their uniqueness because, like the public, chiropractors have fallen victim to the medical model of health.


Health is serious  business. The community needs us to lead them with a value system that clearly expresses what we do when we “give” an adjustment.  It is not treatment, but rather an assist to the body in removing an interference to our vital communication system.

What scares me is that too many chiropractors may have lost the value of why we “adjust” and so we end up pushing adjustments for pain.  In my view, that isn’t much different than pushing drugs for pain.

What do you think?


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