Innate versus “?” Intelligence

All living things have innate intelligence.

All living things have innate intelligence.

Which objects in the picture do NOT have innate intelligence?

A plant is an amazing thing. A seed placed into the earth “knows” how to survive.  A tree can exist for hundreds of years with very little care.  Mother Nature seems to know what to do.

What about us?  What about the frail human being?  Has Mother Nature lost its capacity to “take care” of us?

The same entity that allows a seed to grow into a large tree and remain healthy for a hundred years with very little nurturing is the same entity that is responsible for sustaining a human life. Chiropractors refer to this as innate intelligence.

Yet, when it comes to trusting the body’s natural ability to stay healthy under most circumstances … well, at best, it makes us uncomfortable.

From prenatal care, to birth, to vaccinations, to our yearly physicals, to health (or really sick-) care, society has put aside innate intelligence to make room for “other” intelligence.  Emphasis is on what the “experts” decide our bodies need at every stage of human life.

Our bodies, just like the tree, have the ability to know what is going on in the environment in which it exists.  Most palm trees cannot exist on a mountaintop, apple trees don’t grow oranges, trees can bend in the wind, roots grow down into the earth and leaves grow toward the sun., etc.  All of this occurs without intervention.

Humans shiver when the temperatures drop, sweat when it’s hot, produce enzymes to digest food, heal a cut or a fracture, produce a human life, and on and on.  We are born with innate intelligence that produces these reactions and abilities.

Every living thing, whether plant or human, has 100% perfect innate intelligence that knows better than any living “expert” how to exist.  Chiropractors know this; I live and breathe this.  We know that a body has an innate intelligence that has the ability to keep functioning in every way to the best of its ability.  Chiropractors also know that interferences to the innate intelligence will decrease a body’s ability to function properly.

As a Chiropractor, I value the importance of innate intelligence by:

  • acknowledging that I do not know what your body needs, or how to fix or treat any of your conditions
  • enhancing my knowledge and ability to find and correct the one issue that is known to interfere with your body’s potential – the vertebral subluxation
  • serving those who already, or want to, rely on their innate ability to be as healthy as they can
  • making Chiropractic available and affordable to those individuals and families that want to maximize their health potential and live a healthier life.

I am a Chiropractor.  I help you by helping your body rely on its own innate intelligence.



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