Listening to the beat of a Chiropractor

Yesterday, while discussing my views on natural childbirth with someone
very dear to me, I realized that I was becoming agitated – not about my
inability to convince this friend to accept my point of view, rather
how their argument was basically a parroting of years of subtle,
constant, perhaps even subliminal messages that advocate the medical
model of health.  The drumbeat he heard was louder than mine.

In the news, we read about parents refusing medical treatment for their children.  Use of alternative care is on the rise. There are groups that advocate anti-vaccination and home births. Do these parents and groups know something more than some of the specialists? Why didn’t my friend hear this beat?

Need I be so bold as to acknowledge that there are those who think that some chiropractors are anti-medicine?

Chiropractic, as I view it, is something that we all need.  We don’t all need  medication.  We all need proper diet, nutrition, exercise and a positive mental attitude.  When we need medicine, we should receive it, and we all make that decision at a critical point when we may need medicine or the doctoring by a medical physician.

Paying attention to the things that matter to us usually helps in being able to appreciate them longer.  Material things like clothes, autos or our homes – the more we pay attention to them and the more we care for them, the more we get to appreciate them … they appreciate in value.  Our friends, family, and loved ones – the more we attend to them, the greater the appreciation.  Same with our lives, our bodies – the more attentive we are, the greater we can appreciate living. Can you hear my beat?

The more we pay attention to the health of all of the important parts of our lives, the more we appreciate life.  I enable people to pay attention to things that can impact their health in the positive … the results may enable an optimum level of health.  I am NOT anti-medicine – I am for reducing the times that we have to determine if we require it … I’m hearing the beat of a different drummer.

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