Oh, my aching back …not!

I’m not boasting.

You know, we chiropractors should have perfect backs.  But we’re human, too.

I personally get my spine checked every other week.  I rarely have a special need for “getting adjusted because I hurt.”

With the amount of snow that we’ve been getting, some people are coming in due to shoveling, slips, and accidents.

That’s life.

What I’ve noticed in my short amount of time as a chiropractor (practicing 30 years), is people who are regular with chiropractic (coming in NOT only when they have an issue) recover from these unfortunate mishaps quicker and with less complications.

When communication between the brain and the rest of the body is optimal, the body is better at adapting to the environment (i.e. mishaps).

When I need to make a decision to open/close the office, I have a system in place for communicating important information to the body of my practice members.  I know who is supposed to come into the office from my home … aren’t computers great!  I can post a notice on my website or I can phone people.  I can send out an email, a tweet or a post on Facebook, etc.  As long as I have a good connection on the internet, as long as the phone is connected to the network, as long as the lines are free from interference…I can adequately adapt to the circumstances.

All of that is possible because I have set things up for the possibility that things don’t go exactly as planned.

That’s life.

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