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Yesterday,  my wife and I babysat 2 of our grandchildren.

Our grandson is 2 years old and his sister is 6 months old.  Each of them have received Chiropractic since the day they were born.

As is typical … I check them each time we visit them or they visit us.  So having them at our house for a sleepover was extra special and I got to check them regularly during the course of the day.

During the time they spent with us,  they were exposed to all kinds of stress.  They played, ate, slept, cried, laughed, fell, bounced, hugged, etc.  Occasionally, though not often, grumpy granddad might even have raised  his voice.

My granddaughter also had a runny nose and a cough.  That was inconsequential to her needing to be checked and adjusted.  Whether she was sick or not, she still had subluxations.  It is logical that whatever was going on,  she would be better off without the interference to the full expression of her innate intelligence.

There is a lot of confusion about Chiropractic … not only in the public arena,  but also amongst Chiropractors.

The confusion occurs when Chiropractic is seen as an alternative to Medicine.
If Chiropractic were an alternative to Medicine, then someone would need to choose which alternative was better.  That’s why I don’t think of Chiropractic as an alternate to Medicine.

If someone absolutely needs medication, then wouldn’t it make sense that the nervous system was interference-free so that the medication would be utilized in the most efficient way by the body?
If a person absolutely needed surgery, wouldn’t it make sense to have that nervous system clear of interference so that the person’s ability to undergo and recover be optimized?
In the Chiropractic profession,  the term “mixer” denotes a Chiropractor who does NOT rely totally on the innate intelligence of the body to determine what the body needs.  I think that by looking at his profession as an alternative to the medical profession,  he must try to compete.  He/she is interested in doing as much as he can to help the person.

Therefore, someone who is a non – mixer is a Chiropractor that does rely totally on the innate intelligence of the body to determine what the body needs.  This Chiropractor wants to help the person also but instead of seeing Chiropractic as an alternative, he recognizes that his/her job is to facilitate the expression of the innate intelligence of the person by locating and adjusting,  PERIOD .  The pure Chiropractor will be transparent about this.  It is up to the person to determine if he wants to choose Medicine, Chiropractic, both or neither.

As far as mixing Chiropractic with other procedures,  it really ends up confusing everyone … and it really insults the patient.  I think that people come to us because they want something other than a mix of stuff they can get elsewhere. There are very few places that they can get pure Chiropractic … even at a Chiropractor’s office.

As a non –  mixer:

·         I do not treat or diagnose medical conditions – there is an entire profession dedicated to that called Medicine

·         I recognize that every person is better off without interference to the nervous system

·         I recognize my expertise in being able to find and adjust the interference to the expression of the innate intelligence

Actually, Chiropractic is really simple:
·         Life can cause vertebral subluxations
·         Subluxations interfere with the expression of innate intelligence
·         A Chiropractor is THE expert in finding and adjusting vertebral subluxations

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