It’s cool to see a Chiropractor

I recently read an article about how it’s cool to be healthy. I couldn’t agree more. Only thing is, there wasn’t a mention of chiropractic in there.  I’ve been practicing and living my life with the emphasis on  natural health. My view is that of a wheel with the center (or the hub) being chiropractic and the spokes being all the things that one does to be on the road to health. Those spokes include nutrition, exercise, attitude, rest, avoidance of obvious unhealthy things such as smoking etc. There’s more but you get the idea. So, why is there such a rift between healthy things and chiropractic.  We chiropractors have been boxed into this back pain corner that it is stifling. I am constantly trying to get out of that box, but it seems that it is a never ending challenge.

I can tell you that a lot of the people that come to see me are cool. Many of them are doing healthy things (using the spokes of the wheel). They care about their health and, most importantly, they are taking the initiative to do things responsibly because they want to avoid the alternative. What’s the alternative to responsible healthy activity?  Maybe it’s waiting around until you get sick.

What does my new sign say about me?

New sign1

I recently put up this new sign at the office. It has been in the making for the past six months. The delay in actually putting it up … is me! You see, I feel conflicted about it. Here’s why:

For most of my career as a chiropractor, I utilized therapies that were added in for various reasons. Therapies to relax, rehabilitate, or help the patient “feel” better. I also accepted insurances, primarily, because I didn’t think that people would pay for care out of pocket. About 10 years ago, I went cold turkey and stopped offering therapies, and no longer accepted insurance. This allowed me to focus on what Chiropractic is about, that is, locating and correcting vertebral subluxations in order to allow the body to work better.

I believe that I can do the most good for a person by offering them what I do best, which is the determination of whether that person has a subluxation and then correcting it. After much consideration, I realize that most people are driven to a chiropractor due to what seems to be bothering them at the time, as opposed to wanting to seek chiropractic care as part of their wellness program (if they even have one).

By putting up a sign that associates Chiropractic with the treatment of “back and pain” (or any condition) in contrast to what I believe to be Chiropractic’s most important message, that chiropractic helps you achieve an optimum level of health by reducing interference to the major communication system of the body, am I confusing people as to the value of Chiropractic?

What do you think?