Taking Responsibility

Just the other day, I saw an ad by a chiropractor that gave advice on the benefits of stretching leg muscles. I am sure that the intentions of the chiropractor were sincere and meant to be beneficial.  My only issue with this kind of advertisement is that it does very little to address the uniqueness of chiropractic.There are plenty of health care providers as well as exercise enthusiasts who address the benefits of exercise.  What is different about the chiropractic perspective that would encourage people to visit the chiropractor?   If we chiropractors are not discussing our unique approach to health, then we are probably destined to be in the company of the transistor radio, cassette tapes, and other obsolete items of a bygone era.

Chiropractors are experts at discovering the subtle misalignments of the spine.  These misalignments are referred to as subluxations (specifically a chiropractic term because it includes a disturbance to the nervous system).  The ability to locate and correct these subluxations is the chiropractor’s forte…but who cares?The public should care.  Our medical system is in chaos.  It would be a relief to find some way to circumvent it.  How?  By doing the one thing that each of us is capable of doing – taking responsibility for our health.  Most people know some basic things about keeping the car functioning optimally, but when it comes to their health, many people will just ignore logic and figure they’ll go see the doctor when they break down.  Optimum health should be our first priority.  Not the nation’s first priority, not the employer’s, not the hospital’s, not the insurance company’s, nor even the doctor’s.  It is up to each and every person to learn and implement the things they should, and must, do to create their own optimum health.

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