Want an adjustment?

I am always trying to be careful of the things that I say.  I don’t want to cause any  confusion.

Words are an important method of expressing our thoughts and ideas.

People often say they need an adjustment.  Then they schedule an appointment to see me. It’s important that people understand that the adjustment is performed after the determination of the need for the adjustment, that is,  the presence of a subluxation. So people are not scheduled for an adjustment at my office, they are scheduled to be checked for subluxation and then adjusted.

Some of us Chiropractors like to use the word manipulation.  I try not to use that one.  I think that it does not convey what is happening with an adjustment.

The subluxation is a misalignment of a vertebra that causes  an interference to the expression of the innate intelligence  of the body.  Chiropractic recognizes that the body is smart and it has the ability to determine the exact position of each part of the body, including the vertebra. So when I perform an adjustment, I am using my educated intelligence (I touch, I feel, etc.) to apply the most accurate force to the subluxations. Once that adjustment is made, it is the person’s body that makes the correction through their own innate intelligence.

It is a very specific process, but also very gentle.


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